Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 1

It is Day 1 of Camp NaNoWriMo, and I am already feeling too lazy to write.

This is my list of excuses: I have been writing JavaScript instead of fiction, I need coffee, I can't decide what to write, my hands hurt too much to type, I'm hungry, and I haven't yet built a tent.

All in all, a rather crappy start to the month.

However, since the time I wrote down that sentence and now, at least one of those excuses is no longer applicable. As for what I am going to write, it has come down to two stories:

  • Dark Arcana: This is a trilogy idea. I know it is fantasy, specifically, steampunk. However, other than the fact that my hero is a guy named Oscar, who has multiple personalities, and that my Dylan is a half android half human creature called Khronos (basically, a steampunk Darth Vader), I do not know much else about the story.
  • The Fires of Ozan: Dark Of The Sun: It started off as fanfiction based on Avatar: The Last Airbender, but I found that I liked the direction in which it was going. Also, I found that I was using far less of the original material than I had thought I would. Basically, the only thing which I "borrowed" was the idea of bending, and the names of the Four Nations.  Given that, I decided to just write it as original fiction. However, the result of that is that I know even less about this story than I do about Dark Arcana. Now that I can no longer use bending, and now that I have to remove all references specific to the world of Avatar, it leaves several big huge gaping plot hole- in my story.
… And it seems, based on that, that my decision has already been made for me. Might as well write the story that I know more about, right? Good. So something productive came of this blog post after all. :-)

Of course, knowing myself, it will bother me that I have to Come account, but that I am working when only one story (for one account). I may be working on Dark Arcana in the beginning, but it is almost guaranteed that somewhere along the way, I will be taking a shot at the other one also. :-)

Alright. No more excuses. Time to write!

… Right after I painstakingly create new Scrivener projects, customize them exactly the way I want, eat dinner, clean up the kitchen, find some scarves to build a tent with, finish designing the Winter skin for my plotting forum, do the laundry, put together a playlist for Dark Arcana, and design a new scoring system for determining plotting progress for my plotting forum.

This is a picture that I made in Photoshop a few years ago. I was procrastinating by searching for inspiration came across it today, and realized that it looks almost exactly like Erebus, the planet ruled by Khronos – the steampunk Death Star, as it were!

Total Word Count: <100 (Invoking Luddite Clause–had to hand write because I'm still going easy on the typing–haven't yet made final count).

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