Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 2

It is getting late. My hands still hurt too much to type, so I am hunched over my phone, whispering into it like a prisoner in a story, trying to write down his memoirs in the dead of night, when the guards are not listening.

This will be a pretty short entry.

Nothing much has happened. I have so far crossed 1700 words, which is on track…for day one. :-) I'm going to have to do some catching up tomorrow.

Plot-wise, I still have no semblance of one. Dark Arcana is an entire trilogy, and I have no idea where one book begins and the other ends. That is not a problem. That is what Camp is for. Therefore, what I have so far is basically a bunch of scenes. The pattern for me is that I keep writing, and I keep writing, and gradually, a plot arc images. That is not to say that I write in any sequential order. I do not. It is almost guaranteed that almost everything I write this month will be thrown out. However, hopefully, at the end, I will have some sort of skeleton for the story.

Badges Earned

Goed Begonnen

I had meant to color these in, so that I would have pretty pictures to post here, but that ended up not working out. I will be posting pictures, as I earn badges. So far, I have earned one badge, for starting.

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