Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 5

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I was procrastinating by searching for inspirational pictures, for Dark Arcana. There are actually several planets in the Elemental Alliance (real name TBD), so the number of scenes I could show would be numerous. As it is, none of the pictures I found were right. This one was the closest, and at that, it is more symbolic than anything else. It sort of looks like a combination of places from the planets Hydron, Erebus, Acheron, Helios, Kairos, and Meervane (names TBD).

In other news, The Fires of Ozan sort of barged into Dark Arcana. I tried splitting them back up again, but it didn't work. It seems that the revolution that was brewing in the Fire Palaces of Hydron was really engineered by Khronos, and that it was all really a front for his invasion... I do believe that the huge project that the scientists on Helios are working on, ostensibly for the Hydronian rebels, is really funded by Khronos... 

Oh, and, unbeknownst to Khronos, the scientists have an insidious little side project going on themselves, which is to upset the balance of the elements, and release the Big Scary Evil Thing that lies at the center of the universe. Of course, like all story scientists, they do it in all ignorance, because they think it is for the good of humanity. Silly scientists! :-) And, of course, Oscar, Hermeticus Octodyne, and the governments of the Alliance hear of it, and of course they think that naturally, Khronos must be behind it too! Little do they know that while Khronos enjoys power, he doesn't want destruction. He's quite an enlightened Darth Vader!

Character-wise, it will be interesting to see Ozan and Oscar butt heads. Ido have to change Ozan's name, however, because it is too similar to Oscar. In terms of cast, I now have a pirate princess out for revenge against Khronos and Hermeticus Octodyne (Claire), Khronos, Ozan, Big Evil Thing, Hermeticus Octodyne, and the demons inside Oscar, who sometimes act as Oscar's multiple personalities. Much stepping on each other's toes should ensue!

A city in either Amberian or Dark Arcana...or both.
I found this picture too. It was on some random site, so I have no idea who made it. That tower looks like a Nocharen Sideas incursion station from the Amberian idea. Okay, so that has nothing whatever to do with Dark Arcana, being a different story altogether. However, Dark Arcana and Amberian are actually set on the same worlds, so it could work. The spaceship and the guy are too futuristic looking for Dark Arcana, since Dark Arcana takes place before the Amberian stories. ...And if you are familiar with Amberian, and especially with my temporal paradoxes from hell, you will know that this is a loaded proposition, since Amberian has a LOT of time travel! 

In terms of the stories themselves, the city looks a lot like Erebus...specifically, it is almost as if Khronos made Erebus by stealing bits from 19th century Engleter (and various other places and times), welding them together, and transplanting them to Erebus...

In fact, I almost feel like Khronos and his works were part of an early effort of some huge project that will be revealed in Amberian...

Khronos...not really.
And this guy seriously reminds me of Khronos....even if he looks nothing like him. Khronos is a giant brass robot. This one is too futuristic, but...I think it is the face, and the theme. Khronos also has no face, and he is one of the most powerful elemental manipulators in the world. Some even say he can spawn new worlds...

Key inspiration words to remember: sacred key, talisman, spirit matrix, Nocharen Sideas Queen/King

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