Camp NaNowrimo, Day 9

"I spy something green."
"It's a tree, eh?"

Writing this now, because I won't have time later today to do any writing.

This water front hotel has a stunning view of something that is a cross between a swamp and a retention pond. The whole is surrounded by some very frightened looking palm trees.

I don't think that the hotel staff would appreciate it if I built a tent in here. Instead, I am taking one last 'nap' before lunch and heading out to the airport. Read: Lying in bed backwards using the blanket as a pillow and the pillow as a blanket while listening to technical death metal. I have discovered that it is in fact possible to headbang while lying down and almost falling asleep.

Dark Arcana wise, I had several ideas for cute sappy scenes between Oscar and Claire. Oscar tends to be able to survive and worm his way into trouble but handle himself wherever he is, but Claire is in way over her head, and doesn't realize it. I have found that Oscar is mostly ambivalent about most things, but not to her. At least, he is not above doing his fair share of backstabbing (and blaming himself afterwards), but he only does it to people who are his equals or greater. Not that Claire isn't an adult -- she is -- but Oscar has been among these forces all his life. He's used to weird shit happening. However, I do know that he feels protective toward her (although this worries him, because he says that everything that he ever took care of dies [pet hamster]), and once he gets to know her a bit, he doesn't like seeing her cry.

It's so sappy I'm gonna die! XD

...And by this time, I am in the car.

All of us are in row 42 on the plane. This is a good thing...

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