Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 10

Monday, June 11th, 8 AM EST
A few hours late for Day 10, I guess. I know it's actually 5:30 PM here, but I am still sticking to my home time zone, because I won't gain back the hours I lost until July, when I return. At any rate, I won't have internet access for a few days, so this won't be posted until I reach my grandmother's house, which has wifi.
This entry is going to be pretty off-topic, as I haven't had much time to write. You'd think that, being crammed on a plane for sixteen hours, even allowing for stopovers and takeoff/landing overhead, I would have done something. Nope. 1, I felt too lazy, and 2, I didn't want to waste the battery when I didn't know when I would next have a chance to charge my iPad. Would you believe me if I said that the battery life was the majority deciding factor?
Okay. I can mostly predict that for the rest of the month, this blog is largely going to feature reasons why Bobo the Bard/Agent Double Oh Zero is too lazy to write. XD I'm not pressuring myself, though. I am taking it easy this month, and spending time with family.
...Every single one of whom is currently, at 6:00 PM, fast asleep. I don't think jet lag is contagious, but if it is, I seem to be the only one who has escaped the infection. Finally, my predilection for staying up until all hours of the night comes in handy.
Now if only I knew where the food was...
And now, here is my lame attempt to stick with the idea that this is, in fact, a writing blog. I just had an idea for a rather interesting revelation. My antagonist, Khronos, is turning out to be less of a bad guy, and more of a complicated guy with an interesting backstory. That is not the revelation. :-) I am liking where this going, however. If only I knew how to make it work...
I think my problem at this point is that my characters are not fleshed out enough. It's the recent combination of ideas. They were all suddenly shoved into a new house together, and now they have to work out their new roles, and who is going to do what.
On the other hand, though I am doing Dark Arcana, I still keep getting the feeling that I am writing Infinity Cross (aka Amberian). There is one character in particular whose presence I feel, lurking like a ninja at the back of the story. Sometimes something Oscar says reminds me of him, and sometimes something Khronos does seems to relate to events from Infinity Cross. The servants of Khronos remind me a lot of the Nocharen Sideas, the mischievous alien "gods" from Infinity Cross. The Arcana themselves remind me of artifacts found in Infinity Cross. I even think that Oscar might at one point meet the character from Infinity Cross, since this person is a traveler of time and space. Since Dark Arcana and Infinity Cross are set in the same world, except that Dark Arcana takes place a couple of hundred years before Infinity Cross, this is not exactly surprising, I guess. Previously, I was going to set them in the same place, but have them be two completely different stories, with Dark Arcana happening after Infinity Cross.
Well. So much for that.
While the two stories are now more closely related than I had previously anticipated, they will still have different angles. Dark Arcana will focus more on elemental magic and the shades of the mind, and Infinity Cross will focus more on time travel, multiple worlds, and alien political soap opera time travel sex change battles. No, I'm serious, that is the best way to describe it. When one can change shape/species/gender at will, things get hairy. Literally.
And time travel adds a whole new dimension.
(Ba dum tsssh!)
Anyway, that is about it for now. More later.

Word Count: 11328

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