BORGoooooooosh! Or, A Change of Pace

So, Screnzy is over. The final score? 16 pages / 100 goal.



In any case, my play, which was supposed to be an emotional tense drama, has snowballed into a cheeseball time-traveling comedic farce. I hit my all-time low whenI banged out the last four pages at two in the morning; I named one of the characters Shaneeequa and my bad guy has a creepy teddy bear whose face keeps changing in every scene.

Other than that, summer has started and I am chilling. My break is still ON! No worries or woes or guilt.

So I have decided that as an exercise in writing, I am going to try for conciseness, because my blog posts are rambling picture-less behemoths.

Um, yes. So I guess I've failed at that in this one. :-P

Except for the picture-less bit. Here's a quick sketch I did of Luke, the main character of my Screnzy. I have no idea what Luke looks like, but I know this looks nothing like him.

Er...yes. I know it's the back of his head. It was supposed to go on a banner, where he's gazing off into the distance in a pool of darkness, but I didn't finish it before Screnzy ended.