So...I completely forgot that I had a blog.

Yes. That is exactly what happened. I kind of just ran across it today, and my first reaction was: I have a blog??? Damn, I have a blog!


I apologize in advance for the drivel I am about to write. It is guaranteed to make your eyes bleed with boredom.

So this entry will mostly consist of all the goals which I have not met.

Nothing much of interest has been going on in my life. I am writing this for the sake of writing this. I have yet to do any cleaning whatsoever. The room is starting to smell. I badly need to vacuum. I have books and electronics oozing off of every available surface. Clothes too. But whatever, I don't feel like describing this mess in detail. I should organize my bookshelf. It's starting to upset my Bookshelf Organization OCD. Yes, I am picky to a fault as to how my books are arranged. This is a problem.

I also really must somehow manage to write more words per day, I am seriously behind---

Oh, goodness, it figures. At this point I had just remembered that I had to get my word count in before midnight, in order for it to count them as today's words, and not tomorrow's. So I set about copying and pasting the material I wrote in text files on my iPod touch, over to my project. And in the process of jumping around between Dropbox and Scrivener, I managed to get distracted on the internet.

And then I came across this page, and I remembered: "Oh yes. I was writing a blog post, wasn't I?"

---But yes, I am behind. Only a few thousand more words left for this month, but it's not as easy as it looks! Even though I have a lot of free time, I need to be able to just plug in for a few hours, listening to music, and completely ignore everything that goes on around me. I don't often have the luxury of doing this without being perceived as a grumpy grouchy rude little young version of a HEY YOU PUNKS GET OFF MY LAWN sort of personality.

Oh, even more failed goals. I have completely abandoned my guitar. I feel guilty. 2011 shall be the year!

Ah yes. And I forgot about that thing called sleep. I shall hasten to it now, with sore but happy eyelids.