Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 6

I can't believe I forgot to mention this. The title for the first book of Dark Arcana will most likely be Dark Arcana: The Octodyne Inheritance because...that is what the story is about - how Oscar first learns about the power of the strange elemental artifacts called Arcana. Those most skilled at elemental manipulation draw power from the Arcana, and use it to run the Guilds, which are basically a bunch of large corporations/societies, each of which heads a different industry. The Guilds are very prominent on the main planet. However, Erebus (the lair of Khronos) does not have the Guild system, and Hydron (planet of the Water Elementals) doesn't either.

As for the series itself, I do not know how many books there are. It might be a trilogy, or there might be more. I won't know how many until I figure out how much story there is in my story. I must say, though, that the Dark Arcana Quartet sounds better than the Dark Arcana Trilogy.

I made a huge dent in my word debt today. I am still not caught up, and now that the clock has ticked past the midnight line, I have another 1,667 words added. However, I am still only 3k behind, as opposed to 5k.

On a whim, prompted by the dark machinations of my subconscious, based on a suggestion thrown out by a friend, I combined The Fires of Ozan and Dark Arcana. The results were interesting. One was the creation of the water planet Hydron. This was previously just the simple, unnamed world on which TFOO took place. Another is an interesting clash of Asian influences from Avatar: The Last Airbender, the remnants of the now original fiction TFOO, and Western influences from typical traditional fantasy/science fiction archetypes. A third is the aforementioned (in a previous post) clash between Ozan and Oscar.

Any efforts to remove Ozan, both character and story, out of the picture, are met with severe rebellion from the plot bunny. It makes Henry, my Muse, very agitated, and it takes all the greatest arts of The Narrator, to calm her back down. Therefore, it looks like that idea is here to stay...if only because I do not want to put my Narrator, poor guy, through the ordeal of one of Henry's Episodes again. She doesn't deal well with Ruining The Story.

Badges Earned:

Non-stop: Write for an hour without stopping.

Modern: Write at least 1000 words on an electronic device.

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