Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 7

Warning: Depression-fueled, rant filled, and WHINY post up ahead!

I am mentally tired. Today is the first day when I really, really do not feel like blogging. It is only the thought of the Blog Necromancy Challenge that keeps me going.

Mostly what is on my mind is the trip. I leave tomorrow, and will not be back for the rest of June. This is an impediment to my finishing Camp. For the next week or so, I will have very limited time to write...and I am already in deep word debt. After that, I will also be expected to spend time with family, so running away to write might be considered rude.

Normally, I would not sweat this. I would just scribble away on a notebook, or on my phone or laptop, while with family, in the car, and in the plane. However, though I no longer feel pain in my thumbs, they are still not completely healed, and so...I still can't type, or hold a pen/pencil for long. I am still having to make exclusive use of speech to text, and that means...it is a waste of that lovely long car ride I have ahead of me, and that beautifully lengthy plane ride too. On top of that, I can't keep people company while sitting quietly using speech to text, as I did before with my notebook. You can only utter (to others) meaningless sentences in a disjointed monotone robot voice that the AI can recognize while speaking punctuation and new line characters out loud for so long, before people start wanting to throw whatever heavy objects are closest at hand right at your head. I can't exactly run away to a separate room either... I want to be with my family, and not turn into Ebenezer Scrooge, but I also want to win...

o_O SOMEONE forgot her happy pills. Anyway, this was going to be a short entry. I did not mean to rant. I will just hope that I can hold a pen soon! Maybe I am just working myself up too much. I shall quit whining...now! Sometimes, I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too. If I don't win this month, then, well, Camp will come again, then there is NaNo, and Dark Arcana has promised not to run away. (I really am looking forward to this trip. I haven't seen these family members in years! :-D) And all of this will still be here when I get back. (Awww, thanks, bunny! ^.^; I'll miss you! And thank you, Henry, for agreeing to babysit Deathclock!)

I hit awesome word counts today, when I took a break. The first was 8,998. The second was 9,999. I left it at that for a while, and then the urge to get rid of my word debt was just too much. I wrote a bit more, and it ended up, finally, at 10,667. Stopped. Wrote more. Final count for tge day: 11,111. Oh. Hell. Yeah.

Seems to me that I do not lack for topics to blog about. Whether anyone wants to read my crappy, non sequitur-riddled word vomit about anything and everything (God of Ephemera indeed...!) is another matter. Seems to me that the reason I do not post is that I am, frankly, too lazy to write blog posts!

Badges Earned:

Swimming Lessons: 10k words reached!

Late At Night - Write last thing just before sleeping. Sorry if the formatting is a bit funny. Editing this on my phone.


  1. Commenting problem solved. It was because I had 3rd party cookies disabled.

  2. Now to actually say something halfway intelligent...

    Don't worry about Camp NaNo. Just enjoy the holiday and the time with your family. Your writing will still be there when you come back :).