New Goal: 6k In A Day

So it's been a couple of days since my 4k marathon. I've had some time to rest and take care of homework, and my fingers no longer ache. So I think it's now time to kick it up a notch and beat the pants off of my previous goal. And if I could do 4k between 3:00 in the afternoon and 12:00 at night, I wonder what I can do in a whole day dedicated to writing? If my brain doesn't ooze out my ears first.

So I am going to attempt 6000 words. I call it my Six Kay In A Day challenge, mainly because you can chant it. Say it with me! Six Kay In A Day! Six Kay In A Day! I have picked tomorrow (read: today) as a likely candidate for doing this. It's a good day, for now I am in good standing homework-wise. Also if I want to do this I better do this now, Sunday, for FebNo starts on Tuesday and I've challenged myself to do 3k as a kickoff of Feb. 1st. It would be good to have a nice cushion to fall back on for The Amber Node. Which reminds me, I decided to use FebNo for my HP fanfic instead of The Amber Node, so I better get some planning done on Monday!

So I guess Sunday, today, is the day. Mostly. I guess it really depends on when I wake up in the morning, ha ha. :-D

I don't know if I'll succeed. I hope I do. Crossing my fingers.

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