FebNo Update

Soooooo. So yes, I just kept typing o's until my iPod stopped giving me autocorrect options.

Anyway. I should mention that I was not, after all, able to try my 6k in a day challenge on Sunday, which is sad. There were circumstances beyond my control. But hopefully I can try again this weekend, maybe tomorrow (read: today) or day after (read: tomorrow).

In other news. FebNoWriMo is now underway. It is to be noted that I will most certainly NOT be posting any excerpts of my work up there because those rascally scoundrels have it in their terms of service that they are basically allowed to steal whatever outpourings of our brain, blood, sweat, tears, and other various and sundry bodily secretions we choose to post up there, which they can then reuse whenever they want. Thank you, no. I think I will hold on to my own copyright! Any excerpts I post will most certainly be here or anywhere else but there!

Otherwise, I have started my Harry Potter fanfiction, complete with obligatory drunken Harry scenes, talking Hedwig, sketchy candy of less than desirable origins, and of course, the ineffable wand jokes. Miraculously, I met my Midnight Haunt Challenge, which is bodacious! (Explanation for the Unworthy--I mean, non-FebNos: we set ourselves a special word count goal for the first day, to kick things off. Mine was 3k!) Yay! And it's been chugging since then. I now have about 6k of it written out of my total 20k goal for the month. Unfortunately, this means that progress on The Amber Node has slowed down, although it hasn't stopped. I am doing about 300 words a day on it. It is slow, but refreshing, since I am now able to change gears every so often. I really have to get moving on it, though. I think it would help if I didn't keep putting it off until the end of the day. I really only write between 10:00 PM and 12:00 PM. That's not a lot, considering I am doing a fanfiction and another novel at the same time.

So yes. This is me for now. And since I am awake, I am going to try and make it to a round 1k words. The sooner I do, the sooner I get to sleep!

All right. I'm out.