Had to get that out of my system. That's the sound of my fingers slowly grinding to a halt after their prolonged marathon on the keyboard race against time. It is a fact that even after I stopped typing, they continued twitching because they hadn't caught on to the fact that they could chill yet. (All right, I just made that up completely, but it is true that it's taking them a while to relax. Even as I type this, they want to go a mile a minute!)

*Much knuckle cracking ensues*

--Attains an enforced slower pace--

Anyway, I just wanted to make a short post here and now, referencing my aforementioned goal. So what? So I did it, that's what. And what did I do?

  • Typed 4k words today, ~1500 at first sitting and ~2500 at second sitting. In total, that's about eight times what I count normal lazy daily output. 
  • Set my personal record for most words of prose fiction ever typed in one day. Previous was 3800. I can count on one hand the number of times I have written more than 3k words per day.
  • Got completely caught up with my daily word count goal, which means I am on track for this month! (I should mention that since it has now crossed over the midnight line, I now have to do today's 667 words...but now it's only 667, and there's no debt bucket!)
And this came completely out of the blue. When I woke up this morning, I never thought that by the time I went to sleep, I would have completely gotten out of word debt. But the hour struck, I stuck to my task, kicked laziness and tiredness in the behind, and did it. It's a wonderful feeling! 

Ahem. That is not to say that what I produced was the optimum quality, for most of it is drivel. But irrelevant? Not completely. I owe it to Write or Die, for being the electronic version of a red-hot cattle prod.  Most of the irrelevance is due to the fact that normally when I start explaining things, if the explanation gets too long, I curtail it, which affects my word count. But with Write or Die, the background starts turning into brighter and brighter shades of red if you stop writing. So I continued with the explanations. And though I will have to cut them out or move them to another character or scene, or split them up, they served their purpose. They come across as lecture, but I did figure out how one of my weapons works, and I sort of started to figure out what Ethan will be talking about in his big steampunk cutting edge of science presentation! This is good.

I am now cautiously optimistic about my ability to continue this. This is fun.

Aargh. This was supposed to be a short post. Sorry. But I really had to celebrate this momentous occasion by typing just a little bit more. But I'm out for now. 

Time to get back to reading No Plot? No Problem! :-D