Chugga Chugga Chug Chug Things Chuggin' Like a Freight Trainnnn

Prior to beginning this post (which, considering that I'm writing this, I suppose I have already done), I should apologize for the complete homogeneity of topic themes. For this, I only have to say...tough. Nothing interesting happens in my life unless I make it up!

Here am I, shouting into the void where no eyes see but my own...again.

I am heinously (yes, heinously) proud of myself today, because I wrote 1500 words in 45 minutes. This is, for me, is an unprecedented feat of timed verbosity. Yes. Yes. I invite applause. *Gloat*

I am seeing a pattern here. It seems that my magic combination for generating a large number of words is to fire up Write or Die, and then write about a certain character that seriously came out of nowhere. I mean, all my characters come out of nowhere: one minute there's blankness and the next minute I have this full-fledged idea for a character. But this one really did erupt out of nothing, because one day, I intended to write about my MMC. Instead I found myself writing about this strange black raven who is mentally enslaved by aliens and who accidentally stumbles into a tribe of albino ravens who are a pack of religious zealots, but especially so in the case of using body-enhancing technology.

I don't know how I knew this. I just found things out as I wrote. And it went from there. It's like everyone in the book got the memo, and my Muse forgot to give it to me, the Author, until the very last minute. Muse: HEY YO CHANGE OF PLAN SORRY! JUST GO WITH IT!

Yeah. She does that. But you gotta love it.

But I swear, if I wasn't alone in this, I'd think that someone else's brain was secretly connected to mine, and pouring ideas into it, because that's the only explanation. How else did I just already know that the raven is a mute, born without vocal cords, and that for some mysterious reason no medical science has been able to give him a voice? (Possibly psychological reasons, I don't know.)

I just know that when I turn on Write or Die and start writing the scry-raven, things flow. And whatever the mechanics of it is, it works. Now if only I could extend this magic asshattery to everything else, I'd be golden.

So anyway, the upshot of this long ramble is that I am now only 2.5k behind, as opposed to 4k as I was this morning. Bodacious. Now for the rest of today, I shall endeavor to decrease that number to just 1k. In fact, if I could catch all the way up (slim chance, knowing myself), I would set a record at 4k for most words I have ever written in a day. Pretty awesome, considering that usually I struggle to meet 667. :-)

So now my head is buzzing. When I started out my monthly word count goals for 2011, I was going to count any and all prose written for entertainment. (Excluding blog posts, poetry, and forum posts). But The Amber Node was the only fiction I was working on, so it kind of took over. Now I would kind of feel it was 'cheating' if I started something else to fill up my numbers, because in addition to the 667 words a day, my unofficial aim is to work on this thing every day. I think I shall have to have a weight system, where I can't count anything extra I write each day unless I have written at least 500 words of The Amber Node every day.

All right. I think I've basically covered the basic basicness of what's going on with my life. The main purpose of this post was to shout to the internets about how I wrote 1500 words today and that it was awesome.

Peace, folks.

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