A Voyage Into the Unknown

Off we go, into the wild--

...achromatic howling void that is the spaceless timeless void of hyperspace.

Here I go, shouting into the ether. A voyage into the unknown. How grand that sounds, doesn't it? I can prose on all I want about the awesome adventures I am starting inside my own head, but it means nothing since I am not exactly being great about writing them down. I must now write about 1400 words per day to make my monthly quota, which is not good, because that's about twice my original daily goal of 667. From the difference between these numbers it may be inferred that I have been doing a considerable amount of skipping days. But I'm fine when I actually start, so basically the problem would be solved if only I could whip myself into doing this every day, and not every other day. Basically the issue is that my productivity does not live up to my ambition.

But enough about that. My progress/plot bunnies so far:

The Amber Node: Signed up for FebNo, which begins in 6 days, during which I will do 20k, as I mentioned before. This month, I am...plugging along, kinda. Still 4k behind, because of course as soon as I write, the clock flips over to the next day, and the next day's quota is added to the whole total count. On the up side, I wrote exactly 1000 words yesterday, which is bodacious, considering that I started at 10:30 at night. I could catch up if only I could start earlier and if I didn't have assignments clogging the way.

The Spirit Turning Into A Human Thing: I don't know what it's gonna be called yet, but this is what I'm going to do for Script Frenzy in April. It's the one about the spirit who turns human to be with the woman he loves, except she cheats on him. Now he's stuck as a human, heartbroken and alone, and has to find a reason to live. This idea is still at the germ of a plot bunny stage. I better get my act together if I want to have this whole thing outlined by April.

Harry Potter Fanfiction: There, I Fixed It!: Started planning this out today. Basic plot, of course, is a given, since he has to defeat Voldemort. I am starting it off in the summer before sixth year, because a lot of the stuff that annoys me about HP happens in the 6th and 7th books. It's gonna be AU (um, Alternate Universe :-D) because I'm gonna change things. Ginny's gonna kick some more a** and Dudley and the Dursleys will get a chance not to be a wimp.

Paranormal Romance: I got the idea for this from this awesome website, which should appeal to anyone who loathes the hamster cage liner that is Twilight, or even those who secretly like it but admit that it could...use some work. I don't know if AnTwiNoWriMo is going to happen again this year, and I couldn't do it anyway because I'm doing FebNo (and the min is 50k anyway, which is too much too soon for me!). But I have said I could do better all along, and I thought, why not? I won't finish (or probably, even for that matter, start) in February, but it would be fun to try something which I would never in a million years do normally. And here's the kicker: I can't stand romance, because I hate the mush! I don't read any romance except Georgette Heyer, who only has very slight mush at the end.

So I'm gonna make it easier on myself by setting it in a fake Regency period, and have lots of action or something with enough mush to classify it as romance. At least...I hope it comes out as romance. Ugh. :-) Regency + Vampires...could be awesome. (I know, we don't have to use vampires...but I like vampires.)

So yeah, this is my mind splurge. Apologies to all of the two people who read this (probably. right? right? ...guys?) LOL!!! :-D /ditz

Man, I've written practically 700 words with this one post alone in only like an hour, and that's with frequent interruptions. I wish fiction was as easy.

/procrastination? I wish.


  1. You're doing all of these at once? lawks! also about the molasses, you get it at the grocery store in the natural section. and real sugar, not powdered sugar. also it doesn't taste like apples at all.

  2. Actually, I haven't even started on spirit and paranormal, and I've only done initial, initial planning for the HPFF. And I plan to work on them during roughly the same time, i.e. the first half of 2011, and I also plan to stagger them.

    Thanks, and o rly? Hmm. I guess my one experiment long ago with baking cookies using bananas instead of eggs was an exception, because bananas have a strong taste that tends to get into things.