Signs of Activity on the Creative Front

This is unprecedented! Two posts in the same day, let alone the same month!

I just couldn't wait, however. I had to scratch the itch I've been feeling for the past week. I'm holding in my hand, hot off the printer, the 81 pages that constitute the 32162 words (Scrivener count) of the 0th draft of But That Wasn't In The Book! Yes, I know I hit 50k for August Camp, but I am only including the words I did not throw out immediately.

An update on the previous post:

I am not so sure whether I will entirely cut Destiny as a main character. She has a lot more potential now that she and Margaretta are the same person. I might just give her some POV scenes, once I know which ones from the draft I will keep.

Eddie the Reaper, too, has an interesting backstory. Apparently he's suicidal because once he made some sort of a crazed deal with an unknown man who was possibly drunk, and who didn't want to die. Blah de blah, the whole gambling with the reaper thing happened, and the man sold his soul to Eddie to live. Eddie, however, didn't know what to do with it. He kept the soul as a pet, and it grew on him, and eventually became him. Unfortunately, Eddie, being a Reaper, was not meant to have any sort of soul, because his job was simply to take lives, not to have one of his own. Eddie tried many ways to fit into society (drinking, being a warrior, and even trying to be an Author in his own right), but nothing worked out. Eddie had a personality, with nowhere to put it.

That's why he wants to die more than anything else.

Unfortunately, even if he chops his skull off, he gets summoned back to life to reap his soul. The only way he can die is if he gets rid of his soul somehow, possibly by tracking down someone who can reap his soul (another Reaper, or the Narrator), or by giving back the soul to the guy who had it originally. However, then there is the chance that Eddie will turn back into what he once was, and that he'll no longer want to die...

Now, hopefully my aunt is still awake, so I can retrieve all my colored pens from my room before she sleeps. I can't edit without colored pens!

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