All Quiet on the Creative Front. Again.

I am not a professional artist. I am a blunderer with a stylus. I balk at the thought of doing another drawing, knowing all the effort it will entail, knowing that I will erase 90% of the marks I throw on the "paper," as I blindly try to get proportion and shape right through sheer trial and error. I am throwing around ideas in my head for drawing Eddie the Reaper next, but who knows when they'll come to fruition?

Otherwise, I am still on my enforced writing break, but I have finally decided when I am going to end it. On September 24th, my birthday present to myself will be a new plotting frenzy!

Regarding said plot, there will be changes.

I am refocusing the story around Jason as the primary MC, because he's a hell of a lot more interesting. Destiny has a few key things happen to her which need to be explained, but she spends most of the time being a Mary Sue and having nothing happen to her. She might get a few interludes, though, but I don't think she will be the MC any longer. However, I am going to combine her with Margaretta, since those two are really very similar characters. When that happens, we shall see some interesting character development going on, because Margaretta can be a really nasty person sometimes.

[SPOILER WARNING: Skip this section if you don't want them!]
I had intended for Jason to hook up with Destiny at the end, and for Margaretta to hook up with the Narrator. Now that the two females are the same person, the whole pairing thing is now all up in the air. It looks like it's turning into one of those 'FMC battles herself, and she'll end up with "good" MSC if she chooses good, and she'll end up with the "evil" MSC if she chooses the dark side...' although I'd like to make it not quite so cut-and-dried.

Destiny now has the equivalent of multiple personality disorder. Part of her is a nice sweet normal heroine, and part of her is a nasty cunning hag of an evil stepmother, part of her is a Mary Sue, part of her is Snow White, and part of her is Sleeping Beauty. Poor Destiny. It looks like she's going to spend a lot of time asleep as various political entities seek to bewitch her with apples, spinning wheels, potions, evil stepmother viruses, etc.

Whew. I've got a lot on my plate for the 24th.

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