Most Picturesque Success

I haven't done any writing at all, but I do have an excuse: my iPad stylus finally arrived! This is great! Drawing with my fingers had the drawback that anything I draw looks like I drew it with my fingers. My life is so much easier now that I have the Bamboo!
Here is my first attempt at breaking it in. Click the thumbnail to view it full size.

That's Destiny, the MC of But That Wasn't in the Book! Destiny is wearing one of her Questing outfits. Unfortunately, this is one of the ones I let her put together herself.
The shirt was cannibalized from one of her Damsel In Distress dresses, and the cloak once belonged to Jason. Destiny "borrowed" it when she was younger, because it was so soft. Jason himself has long given up hope of ever getting it back.
Destiny is holding the Mighty Red Pen of the Editors, although it writes in any color. It glows in the presence of Mary Sues, incorrect use of semicolons, passive voice, plot holes, adverbs..and....well, anything that needs to be edited. :-)
Presumably she's standing in a dark cave where she is about to get abducted by a bunch of knee-high dwarves. I left that out because I suck at drawing backgrounds and the details would have taken me yet another week.
I had meant to do Jason too, but Destiny alone took me three days to do. I'm not very good at this. More sketches will be up as soon as I do them!

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  1. She's beautiful!!!
    (sorry this is delayed, it wouldn't show me the picture before for some reason)
    I really want to read this now :D
    Also I love your new blog background.