NaNoMongering 14: Verbosity, Velociraptors, and Villainy, Part III


I hadn't heard this song in forever. Then I randomly listened to it in iTunes recently.


It's Oscar. It's Oscar all over. His voice doesn't sound like this, of course, but it could be him saying the words to me.

Both of those videos are the same song (I Dare You by Shinedown). Sometimes one or the other doesn't work on mobile.

I've always had trouble writing Oscar's POV.

Now he says: Bring it.

Plot? I'll give you plot! Oh, sucFh plot shall I give!

So much, in fact, that I suspect he might be… THE VILLAIN!

I guess, in retrospect, I should have seen it coming when I started wondering how anyone with as screwed up a childhood as he had could possibly turn out normal. I didn't.
I might have mentioned that Oscar bears a noticeable resemblance to a certain eleventh Doctor, although it's not exact. This guy is more muscly, especially when he grows up. I should also have figured it out when he started acting less like a Time Lord and more like Lord Voldemort. Thirdly, it should have rung a huge bell when he started showing psychopathic tendencies, like my Big Bad, Pergator.

Well, I didn't. I still have my doubts. Mostly, it is because the reasons behind his actions are slightly different. Unlike Lord Voldemort, Oscar is still definitely human, and has his moments of kindness, is capable of forming human attachments, and does not possess the cold, calculating mentality that my Big Bad and Lord Voldemort both possess.

If anything, I am guessing that he is kind of a Gollum figure…in too deep, too naive to understand the forces that move him, and powerful enough to be a target.

At least, that is how it starts. Whether he is redeemed in the end or not, I do not know.

It's up to the story evolution, isn't it? Heh, my "hero" might well lose a lot too.

But that is for later.

Tune in next time for the SeeSaw of Symmetry, and The Double Sided Coin of Heroism and Villainy.

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