NaNoMongering 11.5: R.I.P. The Fangirl And The Muse

Well. So my phone took it into its head to scrap my already published Post 11 and revert it to a draft.

A. much. earlier. draft.

With none of the relevant information included.

So for all intents and purposes, the awesome possum original got deleted.

Well, shitsticks and shark attacks.

This is me right now:

 And this was probably the post, just before its accidental death:


I feel ya, post. I feel ya. :-( Woe to the internet browser history that doth not have a cached version available, that I might have resurrected thee with all thy garbled material contents. I sing unto thee, poor forgotten post, a dirge for your craptaculous soul that shall ne'ermore see the stark LCD light of geek night. Thou art beyond even the eldritch powers of the internet necromancer, so no more shalt thou ariseth from the murk, but sleep, and bid a fond farewell from beyond the pale of death. Adieu, though we hardly knew ye. :-(

Well. That clears up some tangles I was having with how much to word vomit in Post 12. It's half drafted, and forthcoming. Prepare for a behemoth.


  1. HAHAHA I love Tenth. :) Oh dear post, why did you goooooo. D:

  2. The internet is alive, sentient... and hungry.

  3. Me too! 10th Doctor. <3

    Siana, that's pretty much the premise of Deus Ex Machina. XD


    That was my first reaction. The Silurians at the center of the hungry internet stole my post. XD