What is SOPA? See the link on Wikipeda. They pretty much say everything I wanted to say. :-D So...I had a whole post all written out, but blogger deleted it. Basically, the gist of it is that I have all the willpower of someone who doesn't have a whole lot of willpower. But instead of staying off the internet, I will just say...passing SOPA to prevent piracy will be like using an AK-47 to get someone's attention when just a tap on the shoulder will do. It's a threat to security, and it might prevent the pirates, but it will also unnecessarily punish a lot of innocent bystanders. We need to address the root of the problem, not chop off the whole tree! We'll end up killing the forest of the internet this way. I don't believe that suppressing the right to freedom of speech is the right way to go about addressing the problem of piracy. ...there. There was a lot more to rant about, but I think I'll keep it short. Most of this has been repeated ad nauseum all over the internet, and though I feel strongly about it, paranoia and anger will not help. The only thing we can do is speak out, and hope that "they" will hear our concerns. :-D

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