Happy New Year!

"Dad, how do you make nachos?"
"You keep saying, 'this is mine, this is mine, this is mine...'"

I just up and decided to get on 'the Twitter'. (@Bobo_The_Bard, by the way). Yes, I did in fact call it The Twitter, because I've stayed off the bandwagon so long that I might as well be standing on my porch in a nightshirt with a shotgun yelling at those damn kids to get off my lawn.

At this point, I had a whole long overly dramatic blog entry about how I'm going through a quarter life crisis, so to speak, right now. I started it yesterday, and continued picking away at it today, until the whole thing became a behemoth, getting uglier and more ungainly with every word edited. So I scrapped the whole thing, and I shall just summarize it by saying: man, I feel so old! Kids these days are such...children! Was I ever that stupid?

In other news, due to circumstances beyond my control, 100D2 ended up getting delayed, with neither M nor I making progress, so we moved the start date to today. I've already done Day 1, so I'm going to drop back in on Day 2 (tomorrow), and we'll go from there. As usual, I will be posting what I do on dA, so everyone can see my horribleness, and taunt me for the rest of my life.

Otherwise, milwordy started today, and so far I'm doing dismally. The only thing I've written so far is this blog. Kind of sad that I've already accumulated a word debt.

And yes, Happy New Year! Now I shall post this before midnight, so it still goes up on January 1st.

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