I Am Getting Sleepy...

So today was the "big presentation" which was supposed to be the last of its kind. I was supposed to be done with this project forever with a big fat period after it.

Then the thing crashed a couple of times while presenting, and we discovered a number of small issues that would need to be fixed. So guess who gets to spend more time working on this damn thing while time leeches away the last few precious golden days of summer?

That's right! Me! Hip-hip-hu-bloody-rray!

Now is the time to insert a mournful soliloquy on how this is just my luck, and how something always comes up just when I think I am in the clear, and about how life in general sucks.

I can't muster the doleful pessimism.

Seriously, folks, I have been looking forward to August 4th for too long. Too long has my WriMo been taken from me by the machinations of Responsibility. Well, I stayed up late yet again today, when I had the opportunity to simply crash in my bed early, and finished up everything that was in my power to do. This will be the third or fourth day in a row that I will have been up until about 4 in the morning. I was so cracked out on lack of sleep yesterday that for a second I seriously thought that "cheese Ray" was a real word.

And by Ray, I mean...proper noun NAME Ray.  cheese Ray. Hmm.

So basically, everything else...is on the other guys. I have my coffee ready, I have a daily word war partner lined up (and we have already begun the traditional international pre-war ritual of yelling various forms of "my plot bunny is faster than yours!" at each other). Bottom line: I am damn well going to start writing tomorrow.