Anticipation And Various And Sundry Matters of Conscience

On the writing front...I realize it's August 3rd already, and I have written nothing, but it just won't work. Today is my final day of summer classes, and the big presentation is this evening. I will not be able to relax until this is over because of last-minute guilt.

August 4th, it begins. I mean business.

Other than that, I am rather cheesed (more on this delicious delicacy later). I had three completely epic, vivid dreams this past week. They were wonderful story material.

They were also the kind where you wake up having absolutely no clue what they were.


I am usually pretty diligent about writing things down just before, in the middle of, or just after sleeping, having had long experience of having an awesome dream and waiting too long and losing the first few moments of growing awareness between the road of sleep and dawn, where it was all just there in my mind, and I still felt the emotional impact but was coherent enough to write it down. Those dreams played fair. These guys, however, walked out before I had a chance to vacuum them up into my collection! They are such sillies!

On the other writing front (yes, I have more than one), I really should get back to finishing up yet another draft of my 100 word story. That one's gotten rather neglected. I'd tell you what it's about, except it would probably take up more words than the story itself.

All right. I gotta hang in there. Ugh.

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