New Old ReLife'd UnDead Blaargh!

Yes, the tales are true.

God of Ephemera is gone, but not forgotten. All the old posts are still up, but it has been Re-Life'd into what you see here, Phractal Reality. It's all part of my efforts this year to get more involved in my neglected social media presence, and the fact is, I created God of Ephemera back before I even knew what I was going to write about on my blog, even before I became a writer. I'm still not ready to have An Author Blog, so Phractal Reality will still be my personal blog, where I mostly write about Writerly Things, cake, metal, and books. 

So what's with the name? 

Phractal Reality derives from the canon of Deus Ex Machina, the world of the very first novel I ever wrote. That text has been trunked, but the characters stuck around in my head. I intend to go back to it one day. ONE DAY! The story is set in a series of worlds nested within each other as virtual or sub-realities between which the characters can travel, so...phractal reality. I had to mess with the spelling a bit to get a unique name. Boring, I know.

Re-Life is one of Deus Ex Machina's versions of necromancy, which is licensed by a galactic corporation of the same name. They resurrect people who have just died by granting them immortality in a sub-world as digital incarnations of themselves. 

Anyway, stay tuned. 

I may still post at a glacial pace, but I hope now I will actually have a pace. 

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