A Predilection For Procrastination

Oh, you're here. Quick, get behind that tree! Oh, please don't let it find me!

I'm writing this post because I'm procrastinating from writing.

That has to be the worst reason to write a blog post ever.

*Stops typing.*
*Googles "Worst reasons to make a blog"*

Nope. Nothing there.

For some reason, the mobile blogger site decided to tag this post with Tom Hiddleston, and now it won't let me edit that text box, so I feel like I have to mention Tom somewhere in this post now. XD

We now return our regularly scheduled bullshit program.

Oh no! That sudden tangent punched a hole in the blogosphere and created a massive energy fluctuation that attracted the plot bunny's attention! It's found me! Aaargh!

Okay, as promised, here is yet another excerpt of Deus Ex Machina.

This was the city of Planet Hell on Drunei. Michron Nebulon was at the epicenter of society, in the heart of the buzzing behemoth. The crowd surged around him; he stood free and lonely as the desert sky, and already he felt more like a Commoner than he ever had at Exxox.

What? I never said how long it would be!

Also, I just wanted to name a place Planet Hell.

*Crawls under a conveniently placed rock*

This hiding is part of a larger pattern. It's been days since I logged into my desktop. I've been ducking behind a corner every time I think of opening up Scrivener. I've been sneaking a few sentences into plain text files here and there. 

I don't want to know what my word count is. I don't want to see the collective whole. I'm afraid of opening it up to find a giant pile of crap staring back at me.

Thus you see me, the guerrilla writer.

*ninjas off a few more words*

I think I might actually have broken a thousand today, with this intermittent writing. I still don't have a count, but we'll see what we'll see. 

And now, it is 12AM, and I'm dead sleepy. Adieu waking world. Parting is such sweet--



  1. Best. Accidental tag. Ever.

    You can't hide from it forever, JR. It's best to feed it before it overwhelms you.

  2. I swear, the fandom is getting as sentient as Tom's hair!