The Voice of Chaos. The Tick of Khronos.

It's December 1st. Yep. That time of year again. It is the time for doing things still undone.

The clock is ticking.

Time to avoid writing, and instead stare my eyes out at the TV shows I did not have time to watch in November.

Time to randomly subvert myself in the middle of something completely unrelated to writing, and then slap down words when I least expect it. In fact, I think I WILL do that to myself. I AM NINJA WRITER.

Time to start sketching my characters' clothes and places from the Five Worlds again.

Time to catch up on my reading.

Time to start several things simultaneously in order to accommodate my short attention sp

(I'm really hungry.)

an. And...hopefully finish them all.

Time to avoid as much of the ubiquitous Christmas music I can, and assemble my own delicious tunes: some for me, and some for Dark Arcana. This album would be perfect for Ethan, as he tries to track down what went wrong with history...I really must check out more epic cinematic music!

Listening To:

Time to subvert the topic of my own blog post. Speaking of which, here are the five worlds, along with two...places that are not places.

  • Alpha: Nodus - The source of all things, but which is not the thing itself. The Inside. The Mind. The Inner being.
  • 1. Calor - The age of the false gods. When the truth dies, and a new truth dawns. 
  • 2. Engleter - The age of chaos. When truths and other truths collide in chaos, there is only the human, alone.
  • 3. Quan Sai - The age of fire. When reason trumps emotion, and wrong and right mean the same thing.
  • 4. Acheron - The age of darkness. In the void of truth, deception, chaos, reason, and emotion, there is only the night.
  • 5. Grehai - The age of the human collective. When the nodes are scattered far in space and time, of sentience beyond truth, yet united. 
  • Omega: The Wall - The final rest of all things, that which defines the thing. The Outside. The Outer being.

I have no idea what this even means. This is what happens when I let Dark Arcana do the typing for me. Now this damn hydra bunny is all smug because he knows exactly what he's talking about with all this fancy sounding philosophical stuff, but he won't tell me.

I think my blog posts have gone beyond editing.

This is utter chaos. Interestingly enough, each of these places matches up with a work of fiction that resonates in my head. WHY they resonate I can't very well say, but they do.

  • Calor - A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
  • Engleter - His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman
  • Quan Sai - Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
  • Acheron - Star Wars and Lord of the Rings
  • Grehai - Neuromancer by William Gibson

Pretty soon, I am going to be bleeding all over the place about how this is the worst idea ever. Oh, hello, Chasm of Despair.

I'm glad to see you've warmed up my comfortable blanket for me.

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