Adventures in Drawing!

In preparation for 100 Days, 100 Drawings, I decided to experiment in a style that I have never used before: manga. Since I am not actually into manga and have never read any of the books...this was challenging.

Luckily, I cheated and read internet tutorials. ^_^

These are some of my sucky, sucky attempts. The shading is not me being clever. It's there to hide the fact that I can't do pretty line drawings even if you paid me. Sorry about the crappy quality. I am, as always, too lazy to bother with scanning stuff in, and instead I snap photos of the pictures with my phone.

Please ignore the eyes and facial features floating in the background. I invariably cram the space around my sketches with other sketches. =)

Oh, and this isn't manga at all, but I drew a rather nicer picture of Professor Snitpot than the previous one. That's a flaming sword and an Editor's Red Pen that he's holding, by the way. Again, my unquenchable desire to doodle has made the background rather trippy. Yes, that's a soggy-looking skull in the upper left.

Oh yes, and here's Madame Kiteroo terrorizing Eddie!

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