A Terrible, Horrible, Splotch

This is it, people: the worst inkblot on the face of the planet. Jason and Destiny don't really look like that, and neither would Jason let Destiny dangle helplessly as he flies to save the world like superman. Moreover, the ground is not imprinted with badly erased outlines of various Storyland characters. It is also all too obvious that I got a little too enthusiastic using my water-soluble graphite pencils!

Glorious, glorious suckage. :-D

Bring it, Rorschach.


  1. It is time they updated thr Rorschach test! Perhaps you should submit this to somebody who can make that happen, whoever that is :) I like this because Rorschach happens to be my favorite 'test'.

  2. Thanks.

    I shall one day make a second attempt that isn't so crappy. Who knows when that will be? Probably December, after NaNo is over!