I'm a nut. And loving it!

At the very last moment, I decided to do Camp Nano as well! It's July 1st, and I still have no idea what I'm going to work on. I won't do anything new, since I have too many ideas on hiatus.

  • Harry Potter fanfiction
  • The Amber of Time (previously The Amber Node) This one has several storylines, any of which I could choose for Camp NaNo. 
  • Fireline (working title) - The old idea I was working on in high school. :-)
  • Scroungers: Earth (working title) - The one about the girl who lives on a post-apocalyptic Earth who is forcibly deported off-planet among other survivors, and who struggles to adjust to a new society. I've been sitting on this one since sixth grade. :-)
I think I must be stark raving mad.

Speaking of which, it's July 1st, and my word count is still at a big fat zero! Must get writing! 

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